Percolation Testing

testing, design and certification for waste-water treatment systems

To protect the environment and, in particular, water quality, houses in un-sewered areas must be on suitable sites and must have an appropriate wastewater treatment system that is correctly installed and maintained. Homeowners and builders who propose to build houses in un-sewered areas are required to undergo site assessments to ensure that the site is suitable for an off-mains system. They are responsible for their wastewater treatment systems and should follow all planning requirements and guidance provided in this code of practice. The primary responsibility for protecting waters against pollution rests with any person who is carrying on an activity that presents a threat to water quality.

What is a Percolation Test and why is it required ?
When on-site systems fail to operate satisfactorily they threaten public health and water quality. When domestic wastewater is not absorbed by the soil it can form stagnant pools on the ground surface. In such failures, humans can come in contact with the wastewater and be exposed to pathogens; also foul odours can be generated. In addition, inadequately treated wastewater through poor siting, design and/or construction may lead to contamination of our groundwaters and surface waters, which in many areas are also used as drinking water supplies. It is essential that this effluent is properly treated and disposed of.