Inspection & Certification of Buildings

assigned certifier and designer

In order to issue stage payment certificates for a property we carry out regular site inspections of the construction works to certify its compliance with both Planning regulations and Building regulations.

Periodic inspections carried out of workmanship regarding Foundations, blockwork, flooring, roofing, partitioning, insulation, ventilation, windows and doors, accessibility, plastering and finishes, wells, wastewater treatment systems and overall completion of works.

Usually around 4-5 stage payment certificates will be required during the build.

Certificate of Compliance
This is a document which confirms a buildings compliance with the grant of planning permission, Building Regulations and Fire Regulations.

Upon completion of a property a final inspection shall be carried out on the works, this entails carrying out a thorough visual survey of the property to verify its compliance with planning permission drawings and building regulations.

This document certifies the buildings absolute compliance and is needed to drawdown the last stage payment certificate to the lending institutions, to sell the property and for property title purposes.